How are grease traps cleaned?

How are grease traps cleaned? Дом
How are grease traps cleaned?

Grease traps are very important specially in a commercial setting like restaurants.

These traps prevent oils, fats, and other greasy substance to enter in the sewer line. It also keeps away the stinky smell but if you forgot to get your grease trap cleaned then, it’ll leave a stinky smell in your restaurant leading to a bad impact on your customers so, it is very important to maintain your grease trap regularly.

Call experts as in grease traps Denver CO grease trap Denver, CO. to clean the fitted grease traps. In the absence of grease traps, fats, oils, and other greasy material will enter the sewer pipeline can accumulate on its wall with time thus, narrowing the lumen, causing slow drainage in that case you need experts like the experts of denversewer cleaning service Denver sewer cleaning service to clean the sewer pipeline and your next step should be installing the grease traps.

Some of the restaurant owners prefer septic tank so, they go for installing septic tank installing septic tank while the construction of their restaurant but forgot to install grease trap that becomes a big problem in future.

Cleaning the grease traps

You can clean the grease trap by yourself I’ll tell you the steps to clean a grease trap.

  • Take off the lid from the grease trap carefully, make sure gaskets will not get damaged.
  • Now. You need a ruler, stick the ruler in the trap and measure the measure the height of grease accumulated in the grease trap.
  • Make sure the water inside the grease trap is cooled and the grease is floating on the top.
  • With the help of vacuum take the grease off the trap.
  • Clean the food waste, water waste that are present. You should make sure that vacuum do not fill completely otherwise it’ll spill the grease.
  • With the help of a scraper, scrape the grease that is present on the sides, lids, and baffle. Remove all waste.
  • To get rid of foul odor wash it with soap and warm water. Make sure all the FOG is removed.
  • You can test the obstruction by pouring clean water in the sink, if the flow isn’t hindered, it means it is not clogged.
  • Put all the components of the grease trap back and dispose the waste.

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